Terms & Conditions


The Authority is not responsible for the purchase or sale of any product or service on this site. Buyers and sellers will both advertise and sell their products or services at their own risk. This site is just a means of exchanging information.

Data Safety

iBikri.com is responsible for the security of all advertiser information.


After thoroughly investigating all the advertisements on the site, the authorities will promote it only if it seems to be true. The authorities will not publish any illegal advertising site under the law of Bangladesh.

Free/Paid Ads

All ads on the site are free. But the same ad cannot be repeated. A seller can publish free unlimited ads on this site. Only pay for sponsored ads, banner ads, SMS ads, facebook ads, email ads and special ads.

Prevention fraud

In order to prevent fraud, buyers and sellers are being requested to buy and sell goods or services in person. In case of e-commerce merchants do not buy or sell without cash on delivery. Refrain from providing advance money or products in any way.